Installing JED with Alpine Linux CLI

What to get:
Get a tar.gz file from:
Get an .jedrc from:

Extract the tar.gz file and do a ./configure
Now it is complaining about libraries so install them
  1. apk add slang
  2. apk add slang-dev
  3. apk add ncurses ncurses-dev
  4. apk add ncurses-terminfo ncurses-terminfo-dev
After getting the packages you can do a "make" and a "make install".
Then copy the jed.rc to your home as .jedrc and make your changes, for example using wordstar.
My favourite is to use the Borland ide, which acts like a better wordstar. To do this duplicate the line with wordstar and set "ide" as input with name "Borland ide".

end of file