Small helpdesk

First: I want a small helpdesk that can easily be installed

I don't have much hours and so I made this with OpenWatcom
This is a linux site, but first I was programming under Windows making my own copy tool with the lcc compiler.
The small helpdesk program is a license free program for standalone usage.
Small helpdesk uses sqlite3 as its database.
The databasefile goes to "My documents"
Small helpdesk program
sqlite3 library
Copy these 2 files to the same directory of your choice on your system
This software does not use any registry

First usage

Login as admin with a self chosen password, the database will than be created.

A subject can be : a person, a company, a group, a ticketgroup
Under Subjects make persons and ticketgroups
Then make links from one or more persons to one or more ticketgroups where the ticketgroup is the parent.
To use a ticketgroup as the incoming ticketgroup place a 1 in the extra field under person->Extra->extra1

This program never deletes records, it only ends records.
A ticket can be ended but can be found under Search

Some blog

December 2012

Chrismas time - beginning with writing the first lines of code

January 2013

Ready for first functionality

February 2013

Busy with the client-server story

March 2013

Multi-user ready --- Only limitations of max. textlength of 4096

Some technical stuff

It uses sqlite. I made a wrapper around sqlite functions so I didnot have to change the code to make it multiuser.

Thanks for visiting