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Other puppylinux sites

NVIDIA Drivers and puplets, qemu, goffice

Links from puppylinux friends:

From Dejan


You can download pup, pets and sfs and ISO files

Pup: is the previous version of a pet, the content of a pup is installed into the OS

Pet: The content of a pup is installed into the OS

Sfs: The content of the SFS is linked into the OS

ISO: An installable CD for puppylinux

See Puppylinux.org for a CD of PET
For more pups and pets:
For some solutions see this site Download

My systems

Here is a list of how I use puppylinux. I do a lot of typing of this webpages with the Pentium II machine and use the following programs:


Werk zoeken
JSlint formatter
Web techniques


An example of some loginpage is at: Login page

About this webserver

This webserver is based on lighttpd and running on a thin-client computer, which is a HP T5300
This way this webserver is consuming a little power, saving the environment.
I have the full choice what I am doing on this server.

What ingredients are there for editing a website with puppy-thar

There is the famous geany editor and gftp and Palemoon-browser.
I added the lighttpd webserver made a directory web for the webserver and the webpages.

Links to friendly people

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