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Official sites for puppylinux



You can download pup, pets and sfs and ISO files

Pup: is the previous version of a pet, the content of a pup is installed into the OS

Pet: The content of a pup is installed into the OS

Sfs: The content of the SFS is linked into the OS

ISO: An installable CD for puppylinux

See Puppylinux.org for a CD of PET
For more pups and pets:
For some solutions see this site Download

My systems

Here is a list of how I use puppylinux. I do a lot of typing of this webpages with the Pentium II machine and use the following programs:


Werk zoeken
JSlint formatter
Web techniques


An example of some loginpage is at: Login page

About this webserver

This webserver was based on lighttpd and running on a thin-client computer, which is a HP T5300
Now it is served with a NanoPi NEO3 with more RAM and speed.
This way this webserver is consuming a little power, saving the environment.
I have the full choice what I am doing on this server.

What ingredients are there for editing a website with puppy-thar

There is the famous geany editor and gftp and Palemoon-browser.
I added the lighttpd webserver made a directory web for the webserver and the webpages.

Links to friendly people

More pages on this server

An sqlite helpdesk
This program is designed to make tickets, where you can put in your things to do
Bijbel getoetste kritiek op Celebrate Recovery
A dutch webpage with a reviced version, to help people out of the bushes
Thanks for visiting puppylinux.eu
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